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Alda and Carlo are back from Uganda

Dear WECARE Benefactors

first of all happy New Year

We have just returned from our winter mission and we have the heart still full of all the emotions experienced. On January 6, we met our 14 boys, those that, thanks to your generosity, we can support in studies and in everyday life. It was an opportunity for them to show us their year-end report cards and to tell us a little bit about how their lives have changed, thanks to this Wecare project, and not only ...

The WeCare guys, in fact, after a small practical course held with our volunteers, on the summer mission of August 2018, they have learned how to make flip-flops, using recycled material, or car tires. We liked the idea that they could learn a simple job that did not distract them from their studies, but that allowed them to "give a little bit of themselves" for free.

Since they received your help, we decided to ask them to get involved so that someone else in difficulty would receive a beautiful gift! And so it was: at our invitation, they produced 268 slippers, which we gave to Sister Mary, a Comboni missionary who in these weeks is receiving HIV-positive children in a large field of animation, based on art therapy, play, sharing and joy. The joy of receiving this precious and unexpected gift was great: some children wanted to wear new slippers immediately, others, despite being barefoot, watched them carefully, waiting for it to be Sunday, to be able to wear them and be "elegant" on the most important day of the week.

It is true that there is more joy in giving than in receiving!

If all this has been possible, if we have been able to improve the lives of 14 young people and their families, giving them all prospects for the future, if we could send a message of charity and attention to the last ones, in a mission land, if we could make happy some orphan and sick child that feels himself a waste of society... all of this is your merit, you trusting WeCare and allowing us to carry on our small and simple projects, done first of all with the heart!

On February 4th the school year will start again in Uganda, therefore we remind you how to pay the donation, for distance support. The annual fee is € 360.00 and covers all expenses. The annual fee can be paid every month, every 3 months or in a single payment, by bank transfer and the receipt of the payment is valid for tax deduction.

And if you had lost it ... here is our IBAN IT68X0303210300010000001482






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