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There is’nt in an entire life a more important thing to do that bend in order to allow another person, encircling your neck, to get up..

Luigi Pintor

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22/01/2021 - They say about us

Here is an article in the Gazzetta d'Asti of 15 January 2021 about WECARE


02/11/2020 - We've got a taste for it and now the piglets

Dear friends, members and supporters of Wecare, During this difficult, very long 2020 we have been able to take all our projects forward: - The surgery at Aber Hospital is nearing completion; - we were able to support many families in difficulty during the lockdown period, ensuring the...


10/10/2020 - 50 euros is enough to donate a goat, will you give us a hand?

"The young man walks faster than the old man, but the old man knows the way." In March, at the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, Uganda immediately closed schools and so our thoughts went out to the scholarship students. Benedeta, Dephine, Racheal, Solomon, Moses, Gerald, Sarah, Okello,...



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Località Viatosto n° 24

14100 ASTI – ITALY


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