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There is’nt in an entire life a more important thing to do that bend in order to allow another person, encircling your neck, to get up..

Luigi Pintor

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03/12/2018 - Merry Christmas to those who love us and support us

 Friday we met at the ANA Alpine Club of Asti to discuss the progress of our voluntary action and to wish us well.The participation of our supporters was very good, thanks above all to the commitment of Maura.Excellent dinner thanks to the intermediation of Roberto.Very goodthe sale of...


14/11/2018 - Fundraising at Villa Pellegrini with the Inner Wheel Milano Giardini

On Wednesday, November 14th, Wecare Onlus was invited to the Christmas solidarity sale which for some years took place at Villa Pellegrini in Milan.Ivana Pellegrini is very active in many voluntary work, especially in the S. Vincenzo of Milan, making her home available by hosting some organizations...


10/11/2018 - The special school for deaf-mute orphan children of Sister Maria Marrone

Last month Sister Maria, not happy to treat children affected by HIV/SIDA has created a school, close to Aboke, for young deaf-mute orphans, who also need to learn sign language, to avoid being isolated and not being able to communicate with the rest of the world and asked for our help....



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