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There is’nt in an entire life a more important thing to do that bend in order to allow another person, encircling your neck, to get up..

Luigi Pintor

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15/05/2019 - Maestro Carlo Olmo donates 250,000 euros for the operating block of Aber.

A success or beyond all expectations. More than 320people attended, on Friday 10 May, the big charity dinner organized by WECARE onlusal Terzo Tempoin collaboration with Mundiriso, with an exceptional team, La Sesiaand of course many sponsors. At least 120 other...


13/05/2019 - Fundraising at "Riso e Rose" in Cellamonte

Sunday, May 13 on the occasion of the event "RISO E ROSE" the wonderful volunteers of Wecare Onlus wanted to testify their presence by actively participating and setting up a gazebo with eco solidarity objects coming directly from Uganda. The day in Cellamonte, a village on the Casale hill and one...


19/04/2019 - Happy Easter greetings from monsignor Franzelli

Attached is the letter that Monsignor Franzelli sent us for Easter. We too congratulate him for having decided to stay in Uganda and we express our most sincere wishes for a Happy Easter and a happy continuation of his work.



Next events


Fundraising at Fertè

Thursday, June 20, at the Fertè in strada Valmanera 150 in Asti, evening with musical accompaniment to raise funds for the Canteen of the Poor...



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