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Corporate positions


President: Rosalda Binello

Scientific advisor: Francesco Coggiola

Treasurer: Rosalda Binello

Secretary: Maurizio Baiotti

Board Members: Paolo Binello, Maura Gaglio Dezani, Roberto Venturini, Alda Pagliano


Last news

24/10/2019 - It is almost time for the departure for Aber

It is almost time for the departure for Aber of Francesco and Carlo Bottai will give him the gifts of the Marinai family and Evelina Gori: Pulse oximeters for the neonatology and paediatrics department and electronic blood pressure monitors. If you want to donate material for the...


22/10/2019 - And in ABER the work goes on busily

Here is the testimony of the continuation of work for the surgical block


20/10/2019 - The teatral company "Il Siparietto" for WECARE

Sunday, October 20 and 27, at the municipal theater of Moncalvo, the theater company "Il Siparietto" dedicated to WECARE the show "Colpo di fulmine". Thanks to the actors for their generosity. Success of critique and public. Also good is the profit at the banquet of Ugandan necklaces and...



Next events


Greetings party at the Circolo degli Alpini of Asti

Friday 29 November at the Circolo degli Alpini of Asti in corso XXV Aprile 71, good wishes with fundraising for the surgery block of the Pope John...



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