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Francesco Coggiola back in Uganda

Francesco is back in Uganda, in Kampala, this time with Dr Giacomo Bonavita and Professor Raffaele Dalla Valle, and here is his logbook. 21 February: meeting at the embassy with H.E. Ambassador to Uganda Dr...



Fundraising 19 January at the Golf Club of Asti

On 19 January at the Città di Asti Golf Club, a fundraising will be held for the Ngetta Scholarships - An Ultrasound and Water Tower for the Lowero hospital - The construction of kitchens for 800...



Rotary Club Parma Farnese and Guido Rimonda for WECARE

On Thursday, 14 September at the Casa Della Musica in Parma, organised by the Rotary Club Parma Farnese, a concert entitled 'Uno Stradivari al Cinema' was held: Guido Rimonda and the soloists of the Camera...



Help for the Nazarene Sisters

We have added another initiative. The Nazarene Sisters are an offspring of the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul and operate in Madagascar where they have an orphanage and two leprosariums. Among...




From my very first day, I received so much love from my family and my parents' friends that, together with my mum and dad, we thought of something special on the occasion of my Holy Baptism. I would like to...



Great evening in Novarello for new WECARE initiatives

Thanks to the collaboration with Guido Rimonda and the Camera Ducale, which offered a medley of famous film songs, a great evening was held in Novarello to raise funds for WECARE's new initiatives, support for...




You remember, the foundation stone of the surgical block was laid on 5 March 2019 and in between we had the covd 19 pandemic, but in spite of this the work went ahead and we finally arrived at the...



Important meeting in Vercelli for the future of Wecare

On Wednesday, July 6, at the invitation of MUNDI RISO Italy directed by Salvador Loring Lasarte, an organizational and fundraising meeting was held for future initiatives for Wecare. Participants included...



Fund raising at la Ferté Thursday, June 23, 2022

Finally after two years of forced abstinence we reopened in a big way. Wonderful evening at the Ferté in Asti with a parterre de roi. Wonderful evening at the Ferté in Asti with a parterre...



Sister Maria Marrone's thanks

Attached is Sister Maria Marrone's letter of thanks for what we are doing for her boys and girls and the report. of their progress.



Francesco Coggiola is back from Uganda

Our Francesco Coggiola, who left on 12 March, returned from Uganda on Sunday. He operated in his gynaecological speciality and witnessed the continuation of work in the surgical block of the Pope John XXIII...



Latest from Uganda by Alda and Carlo

No cooperation project can be successful if it does not start with education! That is why we created in 2018 our scholarship project, which we continue with great enthusiasm, for Ugandan boys and girls,...



Latest from Alda and Carlo on Grandma Emilia – Aber January 2022

For years we have been supporting Sister Maria Marrone, a Combonian missionary, in her projects: help and support for HIV-positive orphans, particularly during the cosbel's campus; training courses to start up...



Fund Raising at the white truffle festival in Cella Monte

In the splendid setting of Cella Monte, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, the 29th White Truffle Festival was celebrated. Cella Monte is also the birthplace of three of our volunteers, Elena, Paola...



The ten winners of the Wecare scholarships

Sister Maria Marrone has selected the ten winners of the scholarships offered by WECARE. We will follow the progress of these girls and boys, four of whom are deaf and dumb.



Sister Maria Marrone's boys and girls learn a trade

The boys and girls of Sister Maria Marrone whom we sponsored to learn a trade are taking it seriously and have taken the lessons administered to them by the experienced craftsmen. Here they are at work.



Carlo Olmo and the Venice Film Festival

Carlo Olmo, philanthropist and our benefactor, is the protagonist of the short film Lupo Bianco presented at the 78th edition of the Venice Film Festival. He has been very active both professionally, as a...



The latest from Father Nader

Dear friends of WECARE, please find attached the heartfelt appeal of our Syrian-Lebanese friend Father Nader/Davide Jbeil in favour of Lebanon and the Syrian refugees there.



Patronal festival in Morano sul Po

Finally, after long silences due to Covid, WECARE's activities are resuming with enthusiasm. There was a big party in Morano sul Po for the celebration of the Patron Saint John the Baptist.There was a...



We have met suor Maria Marrone

On Saturday 19 June, in the bucolic setting of La Ferté in Asti, the Wecare board met Sister Maria Marrone, a Combonian missionary who for the last 10 years has been in charge of a project in the...



In memory of our founder Agostino Gaglio

In memory of the founder of Wecare, Agostino Gaglio, a great connoisseur and lover of history, a re-enactment of the Marengo Napoleonic battle was held at Palazzo Mazzola in Asti on Monday 14th June 2021,...



New equipment from Germany for the Pope John XXIII hospital in Aber

Medical equipment collected by Dr. Giacomo Bonavita and donated by the Ketteler Krankenhaus Hospital in Offenbach am Main and Dr. Zelijko Zenic has arrived at the Pope John XXIII Hospital in Aber. Dr Zelijko...



They say about us

Here is an article in the Gazzetta d'Asti of 15 January 2021 about WECARE



We've got a taste for it and now the piglets

Dear friends, members and supporters of Wecare, During this difficult, very long 2020 we have been able to take all our projects forward: - The surgery at Aber Hospital is nearing completion; - we were able...



50 euros is enough to donate a goat, will you give us a hand?

"The young man walks faster than the old man, but the old man knows the way." In March, at the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, Uganda immediately closed schools and so our thoughts went out to the...



Fundraising for the Asti's Table of the Poors at the Fertè

Finally post covid we can meet again and we did it at Fertè, spoild by the owner Paola Magnone who, besides treating us very well, also helped us with a price like a donor! We collected a good sum for...



We sponsor 7 boys and girls to learn a trade.

Life is slowly picking up again in Uganda, boda boda taxis can start carrying people again, curfews are shortened (9 pm-5.30 am) and hairdressers and shopping malls reopen. What a relief for people who have...



And in ABER the work goes on busily and the masonry is finished

Here is the testimony of the continuation of work for the surgical block and the masonry is finished




Uganda has been hostage to the lockdown for 95 days, which President Museveni himself called "95 days of war". The situation is practically this: it is impossible to enter or leave the country, the borders are...



Carlo Olmo was awarded the honour of Knight of the Republic

Our great sponsor for the surgical block of Aber, lawyer Carlo Olmo, has been awarded the honour of Knight of the Italian Republic by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, for his great...



A contribution from Professor Laura Abelló of the Instituto Provençana in Hospitalet de Llobregat

Professor Laura Abelló from Instituto Provençana, Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona province, has promoted in her class an exercise in digital marketing based on WECARE onlus. The result is a...



Training course for WECARE volunteers

The training course for volunteers who will travel to the destination countries of their service, paid for by WECARE, becomes mandatory. Here is the program which will be done in the near future : COURSE...



Coronavirus in Aber

A few weeks ago, Carlo and I sent money to Sister Maria so she could supply the poor with some food and soap. The situation in Uganda is dramatic. There are few confirmed cases, because people are already...



Wecare is also in Germany

Wecare is also in Germany, thanks to the interest of Dr. Giacomo Bonavita. On 29.02 and 01.03 2020 two information evenings on the non-profit organization Wecare were held at the Catholic Mission of Offenbach...



Alda, Carlo, Tiziana and Francesco are back from Aber.

Welcome back to Alda, Carlo, Tiziana and Francesco from Aber. Alda and Carlo have dedicated themselfes to orphans suffering from HIV of Sister Maria Marrone, students in Ngetta who benefit from our...



The Ghironda for Wecare at Alfieri Theatre in Asti

On January 24th, the theatre company la Ghironda performed the opera "Il divorzio" at the Alfieri theatre in Asti. Great success with the public and critics and a big thanks to the actors and technicians for...



Thanks and best wishes

Thanks to the many who have helped us in this year and especially to Carlo Olmo, the municipality of Moncalvo and Andrea Giroldo, to the theatre company Siparietto Laps, to MyFly Fit ASD to Silvia...



Charity banquet at Casale Monferrato

Fundraising continues for the Aber surgery block through the banquets with Ugandan necklaces and Shea butter. This time on the day of the Immaculate Virgin Maryin in Casale Monferrato.



A big thank you to the gym MY FLY FIT ASD of Casale Monferrato

Thank you very much to the My Fly Fit Asd gym in Casale for their cooperation and help in Wecare. They have participated with great commitment to fundraising for the desks of the SANTA BAKHITA school,...



Fundraising for Aboke HIV-positive Orphaned Children

On Friday 29th November a fundraising dinner for Aboke HIV-positive orphaned children was held at the Alpine Clubs in Asti. Excellent dinner prepared by chef Franco, and nice opportunity to celebrate the...



It is almost time for the departure for Aber and they are already back

It is almost time for the departure for Aber of Francesco and Carlo Bottai will give him the gifts of the Marinai family and Evelina Gori: Pulse oximeters for the neonatology and paediatrics...



The teatral company "Il Siparietto" for WECARE

Sunday, October 20 and 27, at the municipal theater of Moncalvo, the theater company "Il Siparietto" dedicated to WECARE the show "Colpo di fulmine". Thanks to the actors for their generosity. Success of...



And meanwhile Alda and Carlo got married

Alda and Carlo were happily married. The ceremony was also attended by very welcome Ugandans, Silvia Oteng and Brother Bettini.



Francesco in back from his service in August at Pope John XXIII hospital in Aber

Francesco has returned from his month of volunteering in Aber where, in addition to having worked hard, he has seen the progress of the surgical block



Fundraising for the Asti's Table of the Poors

On Thursday 20th we met in La Fertè in Asti for a friendly dinner in favour of the Mensa dei poveri in Asti. Excellent dinner, participation and economic result of the evening.



another fundraising initiative for the desks of the school of Santa Bakhita in Aber

Andrea Maniaci from Lecco will leave in August for Aber with Martina. In the meantime he has launched a fundraiser to buy the desks for the school of Santa Bakhita in Aber where we have already sent the bunk...



A milion of thanks

One million thanks to all those who participated in the fundraiser for the operating block of Pope John XXIII Hospital in Aber. To the new doctor Marta who donated her graduation gifts to our initiative. To...



Fundraising at the "Fiera di Maggio" in Vercelli

On Sunday, May 26th, the May Fair was held in Vercelli. Wecare was present with its banquet with necklaces and shea butter.



Maestro Carlo Olmo donates 250,000 euros for the operating block of Aber.

A success or beyond all expectations. More than 320 people attended, on Friday 10 May, the big charity dinner organized by WECARE onlus at Terzo Tempo in collaboration...



Fundraising at "Riso e Rose" in Cellamonte

Sunday, May 13 on the occasion of the event "RISO E ROSE" the wonderful volunteers of Wecare Onlus wanted to testify their presence by actively participating and setting up a gazebo with eco solidarity objects...



Happy Easter greetings from monsignor Franzelli

Attached is the letter that Monsignor Franzelli sent us for Easter. We too congratulate him for having decided to stay in Uganda and we express our most sincere wishes for a Happy Easter and a happy...



Here is what Velia, the adopted sister of Don Nader-Davide, writes to us.

All medical materials and equipment have been put into storage, we must finish the restoration of a house that will be used to put all the equipment, and open the clinic, it will take time to finish...




The President-Treasurer Rosalda Binello is pleased to announce that the 5x1000 relative to income in 2016 was 11.557,03€ our fiscal code is 01330580059 our IBAN for offers is...



Laying the cornerstone of the surgical pavilion at Aber

And here is the laying of the foundation stone and the blessing of the works for the surgical pavilion of the Pope John hospital in Aber. May this be a good omen, the road is still rough and long!



Fundraising begins to build latrines at st. Bakita School of Aber

We started with the fundraising to equip the st. Aber Bakita School of a decent sewer system. It's the same school we're supplying bunk beds to. Attached pdf with the complete project.



Low August the 4th 2017, n.124 - articol 1 - 125-129.

Compliance with transparency and publicity obligations • Beneficiary: WECARE Onlus 01330580059; • Lending institution: Ministry of Labor and Social Policies; • Amount:...




The difficulties of the project and the bureaucratic obstacles are overcome and with our first funding, the work for the new surgical pavilion begins. In the pictures, the final stages of the...



Francesco and Tiziana are back from their service at Pope John XXIII hospital

Our scientific consultant and gynecologist Francesco Coggiola is back after four satisfying weeks of intense work in the hospital of Aber together with the assistant Tiziana Gioira. In the meantime he was...



Collecting wool hats for premature babies.

If you have gold hands, you just do for us. We are collecting wool hats for premature babies at the Aber hospital which has no incubators. It seems strange in Africa but a hat can save a premature life.



The bunk beds for Santa Bakhita have arrived

And here are the first 50 beds for the Santa Bakhita school in Aber ... we promised them and we did it! February 4 will begin the new school year and thanks to MYFAMILY, to the friends of Cristina Macchi,...



Alda and Carlo are back from Uganda

Dear WECARE Benefactors first of all happy New Year We have just returned from our winter mission and we have the heart still full of all the emotions experienced. On January 6, we met our 14 boys, those...



Commemoration of our founder Agostino Gaglio

On Saturday, December 15th in the San Rocco church in Asti, was held the presentation of the # 26 of the cultural magazine "Astigiani", in which inside, on pages 114 and 115, there is...



Merry Christmas to those who love us and support us

 Friday we met at the ANA Alpine Club of Asti to discuss the progress of our voluntary action and to wish us well.The participation of our supporters was very good, thanks above all to the commitment...



Fundraising at Villa Pellegrini with the Inner Wheel Milano Giardini

On Wednesday, November 14th, Wecare Onlus was invited to the Christmas solidarity sale which for some years took place at Villa Pellegrini in Milan.Ivana Pellegrini is very active in many voluntary work,...



The special school for deaf-mute orphan children of Sister Maria Marrone

Last month Sister Maria, not happy to treat children affected by HIV/SIDA has created a school, close to Aboke, for young deaf-mute orphans, who also need to learn sign language, to avoid being...



A new volunteer for the Aber hospital, Luigi Allara

Dr. Luigi Allara has just returned from Uganda, who has worked as a gynecologist at Pope John XXIII Hospital in Aber, doing about twenty surgical interventions on very poor women with serious pathologies,...



Desk at the Tartufo Fair in Cella Monte

Sunday November the 4th the truffle fair was held in Cella Monte in the Alessandria area. We were there with our banquet of necklaces, bracelets, Karitè butter, soap and lip gloss. The weather...



Desk at Altavilla Monferrato

During the Chocolate Festival in Altavilla Monferrato, we set up a desk with all our products, bracelets, necklaces, Karitè butter. Great sales success approvals!



Fundraising at "Tre Merli" in Due Sture Alessandria Province

Another evening of fundraising at the inn of Elena and Massimo, great supporters of Wecare in all events including the markets. Interesting evening because the gifts of Ngetta's boys were distributed to the...



KARITÈ BUTTER has arrived

It is a certified organic butter, produced in Uganda and is offered in a gift box made of fabrics produced in Uganda and sewn from the sewing workshop “Punto in Alto” of the Caritas Diocesana of...



St Bakhita School in Aber

The parish priest of Aber is in charge of Aber's kindergarten and primary school, which is home to 300 students. The construction is quite rundown and the children sleep on the ground. We are raising funds for...



Flip-flops made with tires

Our students of Ngetta who take advantage of the scholarships will make, in lost time, 260 flip-flops that will be paid by Wecare. The flip-flops will be donated to Sister Maria Marrone for her HIV sick...



The return from Uganda of our volunteers

Francesco, Alda, Carlo and Martina have been back from Uganda full of enthusiasm and new projects: the new big initiative towards the St. Bakhita School of the parish priest of Aber, the on-site production of...



Look at what we wrote in 2009

Attached you will find a newsletter whrote bay Agostino in 2009 about the state and the programmas of WECARE.



An other gift to the Asti's Municipal Table for the Poor

Gianguido Maggiora, friend and member of Wecare, joined our effort to help the Asti's Municipal Table for the Poor, managed by the Congregation "Figlie di Nostra Signora della Pietà" with a...



Fundraising for the Asti's Table of the Poors

We found ourselves in the beautiful location pf the FERTÈ in Valmanera street in Asti. in order to raise funds for a goal a little different from our usual. This time we have raised funds for a local...



Ugandan necklaces sale in Alessandria and Valenza

On Sunday May 20 in Borgo Rovereto of Alessandria, Wecare has installed a stand for the sale of the Ugandan necklaces to raise funds for the construction of the surgical rooms of Pope John XXIII...



An other container for the Syrian Christians refugees in Lebanon

Another container for Lebanon has sailed on board of the motor ship Miro belonging to the Ignazio Messina company. Its contents has been assembled thanks to the constant and effective diuturnal work...



Fundraising at Asti's Associazione Nazionale Alpini

On Saturday, March 17th we met again at the Asti's ANA, to present the latest news from Wecare after the stay of a group of our volunteers in January in and around Aber.Truly numerous partecipants,...



the 14th mission in Uganda

From December 29 to January 28, the 14th mission in Uganda with triple objectif, Pope John XXIII hospital in Aber, Oyam district, north Uganda, owned by the diocese of Lira and the orphanages of...



Fundraising at Vercelli Rotaract

On Thursday December 7 at Bislakko restaurant in Vercelli, was held the Rotaract traditional whishes dinner under the presidency of Linda Borgogna. The meeting was also an opportunity for...



fund raising at ANA in Asti for Pope John XXIII Hospital in Aber

On Saturday November 18 we found ourselves at the Asti Alpine Circle for the year-end greetings. Great dinner which the manager has offered at a special price so he also...



The ambulance has arrived in Aber

At last afer a long and complicated journey, our ambulance has arrived at Pope John XXIII hospital in Aber



Also Inner Wheel Milano Giardini loves WECARE

On Tuesday October 17, under the chairmanship of Laura Balestreri Beccaris, the Inner Wheel Milano Giardini ever since very sensitive to medical services in countries that are in...



Fund raising for Pope John XXIII Hospital in Aber

In a cheerful atmosphere it took place at Tre Merli Osteria in Due Sture, which is becoming one of our favorite sites, thanks also to the great helpfulness towards Wecare of the owners...



August 2017 Francesco Coggiola, Alda Pagliano and Carlo Torino in Uganda

Francesco Coggiola has been back for the 14th time in Uganda maintaining his commitment to offering his gynecologist and surgeon expertese free of charge in a country where care for women is...



August 2017: the Ugandan necklaces

Here you find the images of production and purchasing uf the Ugandan necklaces. Some were taken in Kampala from a supplier trusted by dr Coggiola, from which we have made the biggest purchase. The otehr...



August 2017 - The blankets for the Pope John XXIII hospital

The blanckets have been made thanks to a special lady of Casale city. We have made 200 of them from a cooperative in Kampala, known by dr Coggiola. Alda and Carlo



August 2017 - Saint Jude

We have spent the last two weeks at Saint Jude an orphanage managed by Brother Elio a Comboni friar. There are 130 children of different ages. 30 of them have serious...



August 2017 Our school for blind orphans

It's the school for the blind orphans we rebuilt last year. The biggest discovery in this school and that also some of the teachers are blind, who are alumni and this way they have a decent and paid...



August 2017 Sister Maria Marrone

We met this Comboni sister which deals with 600 orphaned children, HIV-infected. We went with her in the villages to meet some of these children to bring them food or to check their...



Fundraising at the Golf Club Città di Asti in favor of the Asti Solidarity Counter

In the pleasant frame of the Golf Club Città di Asti it took place a barbecue in order to collect funds in favour of the Asti Solidarity Counter which collects food and clothing to be given to...



The ambulance for Aber has been loaded into the container

Our ambulance completely stuffed with medical supplies, has been loaden into the container shipped for Aber. It will arrive in Kampala around the second half of August. We shared the shipment with the Centro...



Fundraising in Tolcinasco

Once again in the beautiful and cosy location of the Tolcinasco Golf Club, in order to raise funds for the sterilizer for Pope John XXIII hospital in Aber - Lira - Uganda. With the excellent organization of...



Fundraising at Santa Maria del tempio near Casale Monferrato

On Saturday 24 June in Santa Maria del Tempio near Casale Monferrato, a nice dinner for raising funds for the sterilizer for Pope John XXIII hospital in Aber, Lira province, Uganda. Wecare is...



Small history of Uganda and what we have done there up to today

In the attached Pdf you will find what we have done for Aber hospital and in other places such as Lira, where we have given our contribution. You will find also a small history of today's Uganda.



Fundraising at Osteria Tre Merli in Due Sture

Fundraising dinner at Osteria Tre Merli in Due Sture in Alessandria province, for the sterilizer for Aber Hospital. Many people and new supporters for WECARE. Good money.



Cerot Marello and the Improbable Small Orchestra

On Thursday May 11, at the "Red Devil" in the deconsecrated church of San Martino in Asti, anticipated by an article on La Stampa - Asti, on line and paper, in front of a large audience, was held the...



Tragic images from Aleppo

Here the tragic images captured by a drone over Aleppo



Fundraising at Asti's A.N.A. Club

On Friday March 24, at the Asti's "Circolo degli Alpini", it was held a fundraising dinner. Great participation and success of an evening devoted to the purchaise of a sterilizer for Giovanni XXIII hospital...



An ambulance for Aber

It has been given us a beautiful ambulance. We are organizing its shipping to Aber.



Uganda: the WECARE humanitarian experience continues...

Again this year, as from the last 5 years, a group of health workers members of WECARE, has chosen to devote their Christmas holidays in favour of the weakest, spending them in north Uganda in a missionary...



The two Sadem buses have arrived in Lebanon

The two buses have arrived in Beirout port on novenber 14 but it took more than a month to to carry out the paperwork. Unfortunatly during the journey the two buses were damaged. They are...



Father John has died

Father John founder of a community that takes care of thousands of children in Kampala Uganda has died. We have worked together for his pediatric hospital. See attached article.



Vercelli's Interact in favor of WECARE

In november 2016 has taken place an evening for fundraising in favor of WECARE thanks to the organization of Vercelli's Interact. See attached article.



Fundraising at Asti's A.N.A. club

On Friday 14 we had a dinner for fundraising in the Asti's A.N.A. club attended by about forty guests. It has been also the occasion to remember Agostino Gaglio the founder of Wecare, and also Sergio...



Lira's school for blind orphans in Uganda it's working

Our scientific Adviser, Francesco Coggiola, has seen firsthand the new school bilt with our contribution, and has sent us those pictures.



Fundraising for the cathedral of the diocese of mons. Damiano Guzzetti in Moroto

It was held at Città di Asti Golf Club a dinner for fundraising on behalf of the building of the cathedral in the diocese of mons. Damiano Guzzetti bishop of Moroto, Karamoja, Uganda. Father...



Fundraising in Tolcinasco

In the beautiful Tolcinasco Golf Club, we had a dinner in order to rais funds for the Giovanni XXIII hospital in Aber, Uganda. Attended the meeting mons. Giuseppe Franzelli, bishop of Lira, together with many...



A container for Aber

We have bought a container ad we have filled it with the medical supplies donated by the B.R.A.M.S. of dr. Giorgio Crua, of Moncalieri Rotary Club. A Zeiss colposcope, two surgical lamps, a G.E....



Fundraising in Salabue

On April 15 2016 in Salabue's Trattoria Billetta, we held a raising of funds for the operating room of Giovanni XXIII hospital  in Aber Lira province in Uganda. Friends from Milan, Vercelli,...



Fundraising in Asti in A.N.A.

on February 27 2016 we held a dinner in Alpini's National Association in Asti in order to collect funds for Giovanni XXIII hospital in Aber, Lira province, Uganda with sale of Ugandan necklaces. Big...



The tanks of father Nader

Father Nathe has obtained the Italian citiezenship, the he ads to the the Syrian and Lebanese, and for the Italian passport he has chosen the name of Davide D'Epiro. Attached you'll find the letter he has...



Medical equipment for the Syrian Christians

Thanks to the equipment collected and donated by the B.R.A.M.S. of doctor Giorgio Crua of the Moncalieri Rotary Club, we have sent to father Nader in Lebanon an ambulance Fiat Ducato with accessories, a G.E....



Dentist's chair and kitchen tools for the Syrian Christian refugees in Lebanon

Thanks to Wecare, Rotary 2031 district, Rotary Clubs Torino Sud Est Crocetta Sud San Carlo Mole Antonelliana contributions, we have bought in Lebanon a dentist's chair and kitchen tools for father Nader.



A camper turned in ambulance

We have bought a used camper that father Nader will bring in Lebanon in order to turn it in ambulance, thanks also to the medical equipment provided by Nader friends in Latina. The purchase was made possible...



Agostino has died

Our best friend an founder, Agostino Gaglio has died. It is our duty to continue his work in the wake of his example and testimony.



On Thursday April the 4th, arrived in Torin father Nader Jbeil and his archbishop Issam John Darwish. Thy went at once in Asti in the Wecare ofice where they met the President Rosalda Ottaviano Binello. Mons....



A ... Bridge of sea

At the Circolo Golf Torino La Mandria, in his splendid seat of the Regional Park, was held on the afternoon of October 15, a bridge tournament for the Ladies, organized by Antonietta, Milena, Inn and...



Graduation party

The beautiful page written by our friend sister Donata Pacini who has described the delivery day of degrees to the first Physicians graduated from the University. In his words full of...



Through Uganda (part II)

... and the journey continues, from east to west, through Uganda, "the pearl of Africa", as the British called it and how it had to be in the heart of the old Winnie Churchill that he considered it the dearest...



Through Uganda (part I)

I'm leaving at dawn. Damiano picks me up with his off-road-ambulance. It's still dark. In ragged camps of the sky vacated from the clouds we see only a few stars. For most of the night, as the day before,...



A peculiar photo safari

The Murchison Falls are distant. They are a presence, a voice that runs; some of us has also also saw them. Peple will say wonders. Imagine, a river like the Nile, which flows there before our eyes, calm and...



Cards from another world 3

Awuasia in Karimojong means tension, insecurity. Damian explains it to me while we chat sitting in the common room of the Guest House. It is evening, nearly 11 pm and Damiano came to find me. I was alone,...



Cards from an other world 2

A Way of the Cross in the savannah April 14, Good Friday. The appointment is at seven o'clock, in front of the parish hall that now serves as a church, waiting to finish in the work of this new and larger...



Card from another world 1

Back again... On Entebbe airport runway, in the darkness of the equatorial night, passengers who are rushing towards the entrance of the police station for passport control are just shadows. Before me...



Matany express

MERRY CHRISTMAS. Even Sara has returned to Italy. She came back to spend Christmas in the affection of her family and get some rest because Matany is a passion that does not allow breaks, which claims a total...



Last news

01/03/2024 - Francesco Coggiola back in Uganda

Francesco is back in Uganda, in Kampala, this time with Dr Giacomo Bonavita and Professor Raffaele Dalla Valle, and here is his logbook. 21 February: meeting at the embassy with H.E. Ambassador to Uganda Dr Mauro Massoni 22 February: child with flu in Kampala, Combonian home. In the afternoon,...


21/12/2023 - Fundraising 19 January at the Golf Club of Asti

On 19 January at the Città di Asti Golf Club, a fundraising will be held for the Ngetta Scholarships - An Ultrasound and Water Tower for the Lowero hospital - The construction of kitchens for 800 children at the Kampala primary school.


18/09/2023 - Rotary Club Parma Farnese and Guido Rimonda for WECARE

On Thursday, 14 September at the Casa Della Musica in Parma, organised by the Rotary Club Parma Farnese, a concert entitled 'Uno Stradivari al Cinema' was held: Guido Rimonda and the soloists of the Camera Ducale of Vercelli performed pieces from the most famous films. The proceeds will be donated...



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