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An other container for the Syrian Christians refugees in Lebanon

Another container for Lebanon has sailed on board of the motor ship Miro belonging to the Ignazio Messina company. Its contents has been assembled thanks to the constant and effective diuturnal work of doctor Giorgio Crua of B.R.A.M.S. organization: ambulance Fiat Ducato fully equipped • complete dental office (dental unit with radiological and furniture) • 1 Esaote ultrasound complete with probes • 1 complete electric wheelchair • 1 armchair for sampling • 2 stretchers • 2 wheelchairs for disabled people • 2 portable oxygen concentrator • 1 weight scale for babies • 1 weight scale for adults • 1 sick lifter • 500 disposable gloves • 4 pallets of various sanitary material • 3000 nursing uniforms • 2000 oxygen masks • 1 diaphanoscope • 1 GE mammograph with accessories and leaded screen • 2 otoscopes with 200 cones and 2 phonendoscopes • 1 refrigerator for medicines. We hope this can alleviate the pains of people who have been suffering for too many years.





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