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No cooperation project can be successful if it does not start with education! That is why we created in 2018 our scholarship project, which we continue with great enthusiasm, for Ugandan boys and girls, despite all the difficulties of the last two years. Uganda, in fact, was the only country in the world to keep its schools closed for two years, due to covid. So, we organised small study groups, bought smartphones and textbooks, found teachers who could help the children with online lessons... we really didn't want to lose them!

The risk that these children, most of whom had lost both parents or came from particularly vulnerable families, would drop out of school permanently and perpetuate the cycle of poverty was too great.

Our students range from 7 to 21 years old, most of them girls, because we know that educating a woman means laying the foundation for the education of her whole future family, and although supported in their choice by our local coordinators, they choose their own course of study. We offer sponsorship from P1 (the first grade), up to S4 (the fifth grade). At the end of this pathway, students have two choices: either to enter a profession and enter the world of work, after a further short course of study and apprenticeship; or to study for two more years and then start university.

So far, only one of our students, Among Sharon, has completed her degree in animal husbandry and is now working on a farm. One girl, Alweedo Noreen, is about to finish her final exams and will soon be a kindergarten teacher. Another girl, Apio Rachael, has chosen to become a seamstress and is attending a course, after which she will be able to start working. One boy, Ongom Moses, has completed s4 and enrolled in the Gulu College of Health Science and will be an analytical laboratory technician in two years' time.

It is a great joy for us at Wecare to see these children grow up, approach adult life and realise their dreams. That is why we call them by name: they are not numbers to us, but people!

Thank you all for your support, without you benefactors, nothing would be possible. 

Alda and Carlo

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