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Fundraising for Aboke HIV-positive Orphaned Children

On Friday 29th November a fundraising dinner for Aboke HIV-positive orphaned children was held at the Alpine Clubs in Asti. Excellent dinner prepared by chef Franco, and nice opportunity to celebrate the newlyweds Carlo and Alda. Excellent net proceeds of 1420 €. 

This is the presentation by Alda:

To begin with, I would like to remind everyone that the donations collected tonight will be used to help Sister Maria Marrone in her work to help and support HIV-positive orphaned children in Uganda. As you know, December 1 will be World AIDS Day, celebrated around the world, to raise awareness of the problem, express solidarity with people suffering from this syndrome and commemorate those who have lost their lives, also because of related diseases. Around 36.7 million people worldwide have contracted the virus and, although the syndrome was identified in 1984, more than 35 million people have died from AIDS, one of the most destructive pandemics in history. Despite all the efforts made in the field of information and prevention, 1.8 million people contracted AIDS in 2016 and one million people lost their lives to causes associated with this disease. The reason for the persistence of this syndrome lies above all in the fact that worldwide there is still a lack of awareness and knowledge of how to prevent it. 

This also leads to serious forms of discrimination against patients. This is why it is important for us at WeCare to support Sister Maria: not only because of her wonderful work of human and material assistance to these sick orphans, but also because she, as a nurse and midwife, also takes care of supporting children in their care, of providing information and prevention, of helping them to live with their condition as sick people.

Every year, you will be able to see some pictures in the video, Sister Maria organizes an art therapy camp, for about 300 sick children, who during the months of December and January live together, are fed in a varied and abundant way, but especially children can feel like children: play, dance, coloring ... but also confide and expose their problems during the weekly sessions of group psychotherapy.

The children flourish again: the love, care and attention of Sister Maria and all her staff have a healing power for them. I thank you on behalf of Sister Maria and all her children.

Now we're going to watch a video of Wecare's social report of the year 2019, that is... what we did with the money we raised for Uganda!

January: hats, visit to the Santa Bakhita school to see in what state the latrines are... 

February : Delivery of 150 bunk beds to equip the dormitories of the Santa Bakhita school in Aber

The distribution of hats to premature babies continues, but above all: the construction of the operating block begins.

March: a new boy is welcomed in the group of students supported by WeCare and the dormitory of the school comes to life ... while the construction work continues ...

April: The "pearls of Africa" project takes place at the S.Paolo school in Casale Monferrato, to tell the children how people live in Uganda. Together with the children of the fifth grade we sang traditional songs and made beautiful necklaces, made with paper balls. In the meantime we receive photos from the school in Aber... the students don't have desks, they sit on the ground...

May: "Keep Out", a jewellery company from Casale Monferrato, creates the line "un amore di carta" (a love of paper): our necklaces become a beautiful solidarity project, which transforms paper beads into...bricks for our operating room! But since our dreams are great, we also participate in the fair "Rice and Roses" and with the proceeds we help some families affected by the drought that destroyed the crops in Uganda ... we deliver rice, beans, chickens ... and some toys!

June: the operating block starts to take shape...but the roof is still missing! But even when it rains, the work is not stopped!

Finally July arrives and our Dr. Coggiola returns to Uganda, to supervise the construction site and not only...

August: the Wash in School project starts, thanks to our volunteers Martina and Andrea who will hold some hygiene lessons for children and adults in the Santa Bakhita school. During their stay in Aber, Martina helps two young midwives in the delivery room ... and witnesses the birth of little Lucy, while Andrea distributes the caps in the neonatal ward. And to end their stay in Aber, they invite the students of the school to clean the areas surrounding the hospital of plastic and paper! Sister Maria, the little jobs for the next camp, the distribution of the "Stracasale" t-shirts, the visits to the villages, taking a few children to heart, helping them in their professional courses...

October: truffle fair, show of the company "Siparietto Laps" for the field of Sister Maria ... and meanwhile the construction of the operating block goes on ...





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