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We've got a taste for it and now the piglets

Dear friends, members and supporters of Wecare,

During this difficult, very long 2020 we have been able to take all our projects forward:

- The surgery at Aber Hospital is nearing completion;

- we were able to support many families in difficulty during the lockdown period, ensuring the distribution of food and hygiene kits;

- we have helped our students with scholarships, deprived of their schooling - there is no distance learning in Uganda...- by giving them 15 goats to breed in these months;

- 6 more goats have been donated to widows.

As soon as the lockdown was loosened, we financed 7 training placements for 7 young HIV-positive orphans: they will learn a trade and gradually become economically self-sufficient. Finally, just 15 days ago we finally managed to deliver the 100 desks to the Santa Bakhita school in Aber: the students were really happy and surprised by our precious gift!

We would like to conclude this 2020 with a small project: to support Sister Maria Marrone in the purchase of 50 piglets to donate to her orphans. 

This year it will not be possible to organize the Cosbel's Campus, of which we have been sponsors for 3 years. Children will not be able to enjoy the wonderful 5 weeks of games, songs and fun activities organised by Sister Maria and her educators. They won't even receive our gifts; every year we guarantee each child a soft toy, a T-shirt, a shorts or a skirt, a basin and soap to do their laundry, a fleece blanket to protect them from the cold of the night and a meat meal a week.

Each piglet costs 20 euros, if the family lives in very remote areas, they will receive a couple. The objective is that the animal is raised and can reproduce, generating income from the sale of the puppies. 

This year we cannot invite you to our usual charity dinner at the end of November at the Circolo degli Alpini in Asti. The covid is blocking everything, but our help cannot stop! You can make a donation (deductible!) to our current account, with the reason: PIG DONATION!

Make a gift that multiplies your generosity: give a piglet to Sister Maria's children!

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