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Alda, Carlo, Tiziana and Francesco are back from Aber.

Welcome back to Alda, Carlo, Tiziana and Francesco from Aber.

Alda and Carlo have dedicated themselfes to orphans suffering from HIV of Sister Maria Marrone, students in Ngetta who benefit from our scholarships, students at the school of Santa Bakita.

Francesco and Tiziana operated in gynaecology at the hospital of Aber and this time there was also Doc Antonella Ninci of the association ANTHOS A.P.S. of Certaldo. Together with her and the Aber Hospital, CUAMM and Wecare onlus, the Uterine Cervix Cancer Prevention Campaign, which is the leading cause of death from cancer in Uganda, has been codified. This initiative welcomed with great enthusiasm by the inhabitants and politicians of Oyam district will begin next July. The cost of the test will be about 7/8€ per exam. We hope to have the support of many to give these very poor women the opportunity to take a test that is not completely wrong to call "life saving".







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26/11/2022 - Great evening in Novarello for new WECARE initiatives

Thanks to the collaboration with Guido Rimonda and the Camera Ducale, which offered a medley of famous film songs, a great evening was held in Novarello to raise funds for WECARE's new initiatives, support for the Caesar Asili hospital in Loweero and the construction of the Nakivubo primary school...



You remember, the foundation stone of the surgical block was laid on 5 March 2019 and in between we had the covd 19 pandemic, but in spite of this the work went ahead and we finally arrived at the inauguration. Francesco Coggiola went to Aber to attend the ceremony. A sincere thank you to everyone...


11/07/2022 - Important meeting in Vercelli for the future of Wecare

On Wednesday, July 6, at the invitation of MUNDI RISO Italy directed by Salvador Loring Lasarte, an organizational and fundraising meeting was held for future initiatives for Wecare. Participants included Rosalda Binello, Roberto Venturini, Francesco Coggiola, Maurizio Baiotti, Alda Pagliano,...



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