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On Thursday April the 4th, arrived in Torin father Nader Jbeil and his archbishop Issam John Darwish.

Thy went at once in Asti in the Wecare ofice where they met the President Rosalda Ottaviano Binello. Mons. Darwish traced his short curriculum and the tragic situation of the Syrian Christians fled in Lebanon. Since two years the war in Syria has changed the life of the quiet town of Zahlé filling it with refugees bringing disorder, insecurity and many other problems. One consequence of the war was the flow of muslim extremists in Syria by many other countries, middle east, north african, chechen, breaking the perfect balance and harmony that reigned in Syria between christians, orthodox and muslims. The Muslim refugees are assisted by their organizations financed mainly from Qatar. The Christian refugees are assisted by the Archdiocese of Monsignor Darwish in the indifference of international organizations and Christian countries. 600 Christian families receive Archdiocese housing, schooling, clothing, medical care and nutrition. The cost of this work is very high and the resources very scarce. What they ask is a help to carry on their action of charity and a work of international awareness on the serious situation in Syria, leading to a resolution of the conflict and the pacification of Syria. Rosalda Binello explained what Wecare is doing and will do to help them, organizing events and exhibitions to raise money and awareness in addition to mailing action. Maurizio Baiotti presented the project of Global Grant that will involve Rotary Clubs of Turin together with the Lebanese Club Cedar Beirut, the French club Levallois the Rotary District 2031 and the Rotary Foundation, all that will bring to contribute a substantial sum of around 30,000 Euros. After lunch they visited the headquarters of the Gazzetta d'Asti, Asti journal of the Curia where they were received by the General Vicar Mons Vittorio Croce to whom they illustrated the situation in Syria. The Vicar has been very interested in this emergency and promised to act as a sounding board in Asti on this sad and tragic story, The next day, Friday, they went to Milan with Silvana De Mari and participated in a roundtable with Magdi Cristiano Allam on "Europe's responsibility in the persecution of Christians in Syria" and the dangers of so-called "Arab Spring." Who is interested in learning more can go to http://ioamolitalia.it.

Our Lebanese guests will continue the journey to Rome where they will try to find audiences and help from pope Franceso who in Argentina was in charge of the Catholic Eastern Churches. Father Nader will also seek to raise awareness of its many Italian friends, having lived for 13 years in Italy, including Milan, Rome Formia and other host cities communities of Greek Melkite Catholic Church. Both of Syrian origin where for centuries there was a large Christian majority, now reduced to a minimum, we were already been impressed by the enthusiasm of Nader exuberant youthful blood and now the serene calm, quiet but determined and active Archbishop Issam J. Darwish and his curriculum that has seen him for 15 years a bishop in Australia and involved in social work with many initiatives in favor of children, needy and sicks. He founded a village for orphans, a technical school for street children, has collaborated in the creation of the association "Enfants du Liban" in France, he has established an association to promote friendship between Muslims and Christians, and now also operates a hospital in Zahlé. Among the Bishop Darwish projects is the construction of a structure that collects young drug addicts for a rehabilitation path.


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