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Training course for WECARE volunteers

The training course for volunteers who will travel to the destination countries of their service, paid for by WECARE, becomes mandatory. Here is the program which will be done in the near future :


FIRST MEETING: Wecare: Who, where, how, when, why?

- Brief history of the association;

- Active and implemented projects in Uganda;

- Overview of Uganda (geography, demography, climate, flora and fauna, recent history...);

- What we expect from you (spirit of adaptation, openness to a different culture, skills, commitment to the Wecare mission)

SECOND MEETING: Risks and security

- Risks in Uganda (health, food, personal safety);

- Obligations (vaccination and prophylaxis against malaria, international insurance);

- Transport and risks on the road;

- Visa, Farnesina and Embassy inscription;

THIRD MEETING: Uganda, instructions for use

- What pleases and offends the people of Uganda?

- How important is God to the Ugandans?

- Traditional medicine and witchcraft;

- How are white people considered? Is homosexuality legal? What about drug use?

- How is it good to be dressed in Uganda?

- How is the feeding;

- What are the average living standards in Uganda?

- Why are there armed guards at the supermarket?

FOURTH MEETING: Our friends in Uganda: Combonian missionaries

- Who was Daniele Comboni and who are the Combonians;

- The works of Combonians in Uganda (Aber Hospital, Saint Jude Orphanage, Cosbel Campus);

- Father Ambrosoli, Piero and Lucille Corti, Father Russo;

- Film and reading tips;
FIFTH MEETING: Testimonials and resonances
- Why do you want to go?
- The volunteers tell ...


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Francesco is back in Uganda, in Kampala, this time with Dr Giacomo Bonavita and Professor Raffaele Dalla Valle, and here is his logbook. 21 February: meeting at the embassy with H.E. Ambassador to Uganda Dr Mauro Massoni 22 February: child with flu in Kampala, Combonian home. In the afternoon,...


21/12/2023 - Fundraising 19 January at the Golf Club of Asti

On 19 January at the Città di Asti Golf Club, a fundraising will be held for the Ngetta Scholarships - An Ultrasound and Water Tower for the Lowero hospital - The construction of kitchens for 800 children at the Kampala primary school.


18/09/2023 - Rotary Club Parma Farnese and Guido Rimonda for WECARE

On Thursday, 14 September at the Casa Della Musica in Parma, organised by the Rotary Club Parma Farnese, a concert entitled 'Uno Stradivari al Cinema' was held: Guido Rimonda and the soloists of the Camera Ducale of Vercelli performed pieces from the most famous films. The proceeds will be donated...



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