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Important meeting in Vercelli for the future of Wecare

On Wednesday, July 6, at the invitation of MUNDI RISO Italy directed by Salvador Loring Lasarte, an organizational and fundraising meeting was held for future initiatives for Wecare. Participants included Rosalda Binello, Roberto Venturini, Francesco Coggiola, Maurizio Baiotti, Alda Pagliano, Tiziana Gioria, Silvia Oteng for Wecare, Salvador Loring Lasarte, Ivonne Sonia Basile for Mundi Riso, Cristina Canziani, Guido Rimonda for Camerata Ducale and Carlo Olmo. After several prologues accompanied by slides that illustrated the history of the surgical block made in Aber, thanks mainly to the generous contribution of Carlo Olmo, the collaboration, thanks to Mundi Riso, between Wecare and the Camerata Ducale led by violinist Guido Rimonda founder of the Viotti Festival and the Viotti Club was announced. Camerata Ducale will produce a series of concerts of film music, called Smile, in Casale Monferrato, Novara, Asti, and Turin with donations to Wecare. This is an important contribution in terms of funds, image and expanding awareness of our Wecare. A fundraising was also held among the many dinner attendees. Attached are two the Sesia articles on the event.


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