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Wecare is also in Germany

Wecare is also in Germany, thanks to the interest of Dr. Giacomo Bonavita.

On 29.02 and 01.03 2020 two information evenings on the non-profit organization Wecare were held at the Catholic Mission of Offenbach am Main. Dr. Giacomo Bonavita presented the non-profit organization and its projects realized and in progress as well as the period spent in Aber. Dr. Bonavita was at Pope John XXIII Hospital in October last year and worked there as a volunteer surgeon for 4 weeks. Back in Germany he collected medical supplies for the hospital in Aber, which was donated to him both by the Ketteler Krankenhaus in Offenbach where he worked until 2015 as general surgeon and by colleagues and friends. The donated material, including an automatic anaesthetic ventilator, donated by Dr Zeljko Zenic, monitors and surgical instruments will be shipped with the next container to Aber.

During the two evenings, Ugandan necklaces (The Necklaces of Hope) were sold and the proceeds and donations were paid into Wecare's account.





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