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Syrian Christians refugees in Lebanon

It is a new project to support the work of Father Nader, a Catholic Greeck Melkite priest who works in Lebanon helping the Syrian Christians who have taken refuge in Lebanon, consequence of the civil war and the hate against the Christians in Syria.

Father Nader Jbeil has come to Asti, on saturday January 26 2013, together with Maurizio Baiotti and the Dr. Silvana De Mari.

Late in the morning we met in Binello's office with Rosalda and Paolo, reached by Agostino Gaglio, in order to review progress on fundraising on the project.

It was an important opportunity to meet our contactin the syrian-lebaneese area, and furthermore to better understand the situation of places and populations involved and overwhelmed by yet another regional war in which now it seems to be resolved and exorcise the risk of more conflicts in the globalized world.

Father Nader, although young, but already well full of dramatic personal experiences - as a boy the civil war in Lebanon made him a fugitive with his family - has testified us a tragic reality little known because unspoken, concerning the slaughter of Syrian Christians in the confused events of the civil war that has bloodied Syria.

The events in the countries of so-called "Arab Springs" are often read in the West with the superficiality of poor knowledge - a good read, in this regard, would be the books, among others, "The dust of empire" by Karl Meyer and "A peace to ned all peace" by David Fromkin - for which we tend to simply divide the contenders between sinister tyrants (and are!) and peoples who long for freedom and democracy (and often are only partially!)

In Syria, but already in Libya and Egypt we have seen, the struggle sees the presence of a strong infiltration of "International" Islamic fundamentalism almost always declined under the heading al-Qaeda and among others are the best armed forces and organized.

This adds, to the brutal "secularism" of the battle for power, the cruelty of ethnic and religious cleansing of which, according to the direct testimony of Father Nader, Christians are the weakest link, and the sacrificial lamb.

We do not know how it will end, although it is unfortunately easy to suppose. Once again the History confirms keeper of hidden truths which are however often difficult to (want to) find out.

In any case, we at Wecare we had confirmation that our small, big effort, together with that of many others, can actually give help and perhaps some hope to many desperate people who have no other that their lives, furthermore to continuous risk.

A really beautiful meeting and incentive to continue.





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