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Fundraising at Villa Pellegrini with the Inner Wheel Milano Giardini

On Wednesday, November 14th, Wecare Onlus was invited to the Christmas solidarity sale which for some years took place at Villa Pellegrini in Milan.Ivana Pellegrini is very active in many voluntary work, especially in the S. Vincenzo of Milan, making her home available by hosting some organizations and non-profit organizations that are particularly active in Milan but also abroad.It is with joy that we have joined and shared this initiative which has seen the participation of various very exposed and active realities in volunteering,including the Innerwheel club service of Milano Giardini, with the president Marilee Bisoni and the same Innerwheel district 204 governor Anna Carpignano.The day was very positive in terms of contacts and interpersonal relationships; we also received the praise for the many social and humanitarian activities carried out by WECARE Onlus which is a further incentive to pursue with greater commitment the set objectives.





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