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Here we are again back from Uganda

It has been exciting, especially for the meeting with the boys of Ngetta who await our support to continue their studies. We at WECARE think that every kid should have the opportunity to study.

In Northern Uganda, as in many other African countries, education is not a right, but a privilege for the few. For this reason, we have selected these guys with great care, listening to their dreams, evaluating their academic performance, asking them to commit themselves and to deserve your support.

The new school year in Uganda will begin on Monday, February 5, 2018, so time is running to define our project and those who want to help us support the kids.

For years, our dream is to help the population of the diocese of Lira and is based on the transfer to the local community of opportunities, tools and resources,so that today's adolescents become the men and women of tomorrow, capable of self-sustaining, creating and developing their future in Uganda.

The principle of transparency is fundamental for us: we will provide all the information necessary to give security and guarantee that the donation truly offers valuable opportunities.

Ours is not only an economic commitment, but of free human solidarity: we can know the story of the boy or girl we have decided to help and contribute to building his future. The intervention will be really effective to give these children the opportunity to start or continue the school process. 


• Pay for annual school enrollment, tuition fees, end-of-year and end-of-cycle exams fees;

• Buy school supplies, such as pens, notebooks and books;

• For those who live far from the school they also need: mattress, basin, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, cup, glass, shoe polish; all contained in a tin suitcase.


As soon as you join the project, it will be sent a card with the photo and the data of the boy or girl to help.

During the year, will be supplied report cards with the results or letters or photographs.

It would be nice, if it is wished, to be sent letters for them, which we will deliver at the first opportunity.

Even more exciting it will be to go to visit the boy directly in his country, visiting his school!On the occasion of our next trip, we will be happy to accompany those who have expressed that desire.

The annual fee is € 360.00 and covers the costs mentioned above.

The annual fee can be paid every month, every 3 months or in a single payment, by bank transfer and the receipt of the payment is valid for the purposes of tax deduction.

At the e-mail request to info@wecare-onlus.org an application form will be sent to complete and return signed.

After the payment of the fee the support will be considered active.

The support may be interrupted at any time due to the unquestionable reasons of the supporter, but we ask you to be informed immediately.

Asti, Tuesday 30 January 2018





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